Friday, June 14, 2019

Uprising in Memphis and the role of the Vanguard Party

In Memphis 25% of the people live in poverty. Poverty destroys people's ability to live free and meaningful lives with dignity and a feeling of self worth and accomplishment and poverty is not a natural situation in a rich industrial country but one created by the type of society it creates. American democracy is a human made social system based on imperialism and the creation of both racism and structural poverty to benefit a sociopathic ruling class served by the Democratic and Republican parties who maintain them for their benefit. 
The spontaneous revolutionary outbreak in Memphis is another sign that the oppressed are still fighting back against their oppressors but in an unconscious and blind way. This quote reveals this: "“There is unrest in this city, and a lot of it is systemic problems,” said Mike Williams, the president of the Memphis Police Association, who argued that police officers were often blamed for policy failures that extended beyond law enforcement’s purview, like education and the economy.''
The poverty, racism, and oppression are created by, and result from, the laws, regulations, and values of those who control the "education and economy" i.e., the elected politicians and the ruling class that funds them and they use the police to protect themselves and unleash state violence against the oppressed masses to put them down and keep them in their place. They also keep the police and the masses at odds by protecting, and thus encouraging, excessive police violence, shootings, and extra-judicial executions (murders) thus the oppressed blame the police for these policies which are actually imposed and protected by the legislators of the Democratic and Republican parties and their officials.
The "thin blue line" is the wall placed between the people and the ruling class as the shock absorber that keeps the racist, imperialist American Democracy functioning and the masses ignorant of the identity of their real oppressors. The 25% of the surplus population consigned to poverty and hopeless are given over to the sacrificial altar to protect the "middle class" and prevent it from turning against a racist imperialist system whose trickle down benefits keep it appeased.
I hope the CPUSA makes this clear to the American people in the coming election and develops tactical programs which have a greater depth than the two and four year election cycle offered by the imperialists to keep us occupied and leave them alone. At this time our strategy to eliminate monopoly capitalism needs long term tactics in which elections have an important but secondary role to play to organizational problems related to recruitment and education of the masses -- which is the main function, and only existential excuse, for a communist party which is either a Marxist-Leninist vanguard or a social democratic sideshow.
Federal marshals opened fire on Wednesday night, killing a man, and more than two dozen police officers were injured in confrontations later.

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