Friday, May 18, 2018

What Does Kim Want?

What does Kim want? After all, Moon took down the South Korean loud speakers blasting anti-North Korean propaganda into the empty demilitarized zone. Kim should reciprocate with a good faith gesture such as dismantling his nuclear program and missiles before complaining about U.S.-South Korean joint military exercises practicing an invasion of North Korea. The US thinking of using the Libyan model for North Korea should not be a problem either -- there are no Islamic jihadists in North Korea that can overthrow his government. Trump has generously offered to save North Korea from annihilation if Kim will just trust us and do what we say. It was predicted all along by the Western press that Kim would try and derail these peace talks and it seems that the predictions were correct. Trump still deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for trying, after all, its impossible for the US to actually make peace given our war driven economic system.
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For President Moon Jae-in, North Korea’s threat to derail talks has made clear the difficulties of playing matchmaker between Kim Jong-un and President Trump.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Israel's "Tonkin Bay"?

1. Israel claims Iranian forces fired 20 rockets at their forces in the occupied Golan Heights -- they all missed!
2. Israel strikes backs with well coordinated and preplanned air assault violating Syrian airspace and international law.
This has all the earmarks of a "Tonkin Bay" set up to justify an attack.
3. Israel has been agitiating for war with Iran for years now because Iran supports groups objecting to the occupation and subjection of the Palestinians -- Israeli behavior condemned by almost very country in the world!
4. Both countries are run by theocratic fanatics with no respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
5. The US, instead of trying to fairly mediate between these two equally pathetic excuses for civilized governments, has decided to support one against the other.
6. We can only expect the situation to get worse when the world's largest super power steps up to bat for one of two criminal gangs because the rest of the world will sympathize with those caught in between -- the Palestinians who are the innocent victims who have been occupied and denied their human rights by one of the gangs: the other gang, by default, will be supported as the underdog.
7. Solution: The UN, EU, US, China and Russia guarantee the security of Israel and force the evacuation of the West Bank and Golan Heights by Israel and also guarantee the security of a Palestinian state.
8. This is the rational solution: unfortunately emotion, jingoism, racism, relgious intolerance, and lust for the contol of the region's fossil fuels will win the day since all talk about morality and human rights is basically a cover for forces seeking to dominate the Midde East for its mineral wealth and the people of Israel and Iran are both on the receiving end of this dynamic.
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The cross-border exchanges — the most serious from each side over Iran’s presence in Syria — took place a day after the Americans withdrew from the Iran…

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Ready For Prime Time: Marx TV Show

Well, what the Chinese say about Marx and why the Soviet Union fell apart is all true. Every CP should be following the Chinese example in Marxist education. The NYT does add its own snide comments along the way but they can be ignored especially such stupidities as "The Chinese Communist Party these days rarely mentions class struggle, and has embraced markets since Deng Xiaoping’s era in the 1980s." "Rarely mentions class struggle"-- perhaps the NYT reporters should be reading The Communist Manifesto themselves! The "markets" the Chinese "embrace" are subject to state control and monitoring and are not "free" in the Western sense at all (subject to uncontrolled crisis and collapses as occurred in 2008). The only thing this show lacks is English subtitles and a spot for binge watching on Netflix.
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A new program, part talk show, part indoctrination session, tries to coax millennials to put down their phones and pick up the works of Karl Marx.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Democratic Protest in Russia

A lesson for Russophobes in the US and West who follow the U.S. propaganda line that Putin is a dictator and Russia is a dictatorship. Dictatorships or tyrannical oppressors shoot down demonstrators (Israel, Egypt) or their leaders exhort their followers to use violence (the U.S., Philippines) but this anti-government demo was peaceful and had a permit to march and protest. The story also indicates that the Russian government's internet ability is not as sophisticated as portrayed in the West and the Russians may not be actually able to carry out the kind of cyber attacks the U.S. alleges -- it couldn't properly manipulate an app from a Russian company! The Russian people, at any rate, don't seem cowed.
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The rally, which began as a protest of the crackdown on the Telegram messenger app, quickly morphed into a protest against Vladimir V. Putin.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday Meditation 4-29-18

On the Rapprochement Between North & South Korea

Doesn't the U.S. have to be aggressive vis a vis North Korea? It is the structural necessity of U.S. imperialism to expand militarily to justify both the huge expenditures spent on the military-industrial complex and to project its power in all parts of the world in the service of the expansion of capital. Alliance with fascist groups overseas is a tried and true measure that all U.S. presidents resort to [when other means fail] in order to support the reactionary elements in a country that are the natural allies of U.S. imperialism. Obama helped install a fascist government in Honduras-- as well as rightists and their fascist allies in Ukraine. The U.S. supports fascists and semi-fascist governments in Egypt, Israel, Indonesia and elsewhere (e.g. India and Pakistan). President Moon of South Korea is not playing his assigned role as an anti-communist U.S. ally and his rapprochement with the North threatens the raison d'ĂȘtre of the 25,000 U.S. occupation force in South Korea and a vitally important U.S. military base as part of our encirclement of China and Russia. Trump's apparent willingness to go along with this is contraindicative of the logical response of an imperialist power to a reduction of its military dominance in a sensitive region of the world. Predictions are risky but we can perhaps expect a barrage of criticism of Trump from the foreign policy establishment and the right-wing leadership of the Democratic Party as well as sub rosa pressure from the Pentagon and his own party leadership. The U.S. will try and find some way to reject this rapprochement and blame the failure of diplomacy on the North Koreans. It will probably involve impossible demands for the complete destruction of the North's nuclear weapons without a concomitant pledge of no first strike from the U.S. as well as a demand for a continued military presence even after a peace treaty and the normalization of relations between North and South Korea. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

NYT: Chinese Government Pitted Against Students!

This is an article that is typical of the NYT -- it reports a protest in China and tries to create an anti-Chinese government angle (fake news?). Here students are protesting against a university covering up sexual harassment and trying to intimidate a young woman activist. She is being supported in a big way and so the NYT reports " The debate has pitted students and professors against a government that appears increasingly intolerant of dissent. President Xi Jinping, who rose to power in 2012, has discouraged the propagation of Western influence at universities and has urged stricter oversight of classes and professors."
So it appears that the government and Xi Jinping are against the students (anti-women) -- but towards the end of the article we read that: "People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s main newspaper, published an online commentary on Tuesday saying that “schools and students are not antagonists,” and adding that universities should seek to better understand the thoughts and actions of young people." Here Peking University, the school in question, is being admonished to listen to the students and drop its hostile attitude. The article also implies that schools throughout China should pay more attention to the views of young people. Does this indicate the government is "pitted" against the students?
The last time I looked, Xi Jingping was the head of both the Communist Party and the government of China.
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A debate over sexual harassment has pitted students and professors at Peking University in Beijing against a government that has grown increasingly intolerant of…

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Meditation

Sunday Meditation: April 22, 2018
“I knew it. I knew this would happen to me. They were never going to let me be president.”-- Hillary Rodham Clinton, election night 2016 [NYT 4/22/18] "They" were the working people and minority people who failed to show up at the polls to vote. If HRC had gotten off her derriere and vigorously campaigned in the working class areas of the vital swing states on a more progressive union leaning platform and was less of a hawk she would have been president. She has learned nothing and still thinks Assange and Putin defeated her!

Democrats File Frivolous Russia Conspiracy Lawsuit

Both the DNC and the RNC attack "American" democracy every day -- their good cop bad cop shenanigans (left-wing versus right-wing neoliberalism) are all carried out for the benefit of the oligarchical 1% meanwhile we should be simultaneously working to get rid of the Clinton neoliberal DNC and replace it with Our Revolution people, build third party progressive alternatives, and fight against the pro business anti-progressive labor leaders who have not transcended the short term opportunistic backing of 1%er Democrats. Meanwhile, this frivolous lawsuit, the last gasp of the Clintonites to blame anyone but themselves for their defeat, shows the DNC would rather reactivate the cold war, alienate swing voters and lose the midterms than actually self-critically reform themselves.
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The lawsuit accuses Mr. Trump’s associates of illegally working with Russian intelligence agents to interfere with the outcome of the 2016 election.