Sunday, September 18, 2016

Assad and the New york Times

This is a New York Times editorial posing as a news report. The point isn't if Assad is a good guy or a bad guy -- the war isn't about him it's about who will control the Middle East and its resources. The U.S., NATO and their allies (just as dictatorial as Assad or worse) [this Western desire to control of area dates back to the Roman Empire and the Crusades] or indigenous forces trying to wrest back control from the Western powers and their puppet allies. This NYT article i...
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Though Mr. Assad’s standing has been diminished, he is able to present himself as the leader his nation needs to get through a war for which he denies any responsibility.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

The Real Hillary

 Hillary Clinton is an enemy of the working people of this country and is a major representive and supporter of U.S. imperialism. It is a responsibility and duty of a progressive party to expose her for what she is and not mislead working people into supporting her for the wrong reasons. It is one thing to explain the class nature of this election and the need to both defeat Trump and lay the foundations for a broad based progressive movement and that voting for HRC is, or may be, a necessary tactic for working people and would be progressives, it is another to portray HRC as some sort of positive political force and feminist champion fighting for the working people and minorities -- her policies are inimical to us, the Cubans, the people of Venuzuela, and the working masses in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas (not to mention the Russians and Chinese) -- and are especially hostile to the Palestinians and those who support their rights and she supports every tyrannical and dictatorial government and movement in the Third World that oppresses these peoples. To represent her in any other way is a betrayal of all of oppressed humanity and it is only because of the threat of an openly racist Trump administration that any decent person can consider voting for her and her wretched record of half hearted support for liberal center-right Democratic Party domestic positions. It may not be PC to emphasize this until after the election (or to ignore it either if it comes up), but all socialists and progressives should certainly know and internalize these truths and not subconsciously or consciously fall for the Big Lie that HRC is a “progressive, humane” person and not the incarnation of US imperialism and the policies it has practiced since it inherited the role of the major  enemy of socialism and communism and defender of the capitalist world order forfeited by the Third Reich after its defeat in the Second World  War.