Sunday, June 09, 2019

A Trip to the Democratic Party Zoo

After a trip to the Democratic Party Zoo it appears that there are only three candidates at all worthy of consideration from the Clintonian dreck that has emerged from the follies of the DNC’s rigging of the nomination process in order to derail the Sanders campaign and thus ensure the Republican ultra-right takeover of our pseudo-democracy. Those three are BERNIE SANDERS without a doubt since his Nordic Social Democratic liberal capitalist views posing as “socialism” are positively revolutionary in the US context and the menace of Trumpism. Second choice, if we can’t have Bernie, would be ELIZABETH WARREN, who unlike the remaining contenders has a thought out program and has answers and proposals for all the major issues. Finally, there is TULSI GABBARD who we want to hear from as she is the only one whose foreign policy is actually not a variety of neoliberal imperialism. There is one inhabitant of Zoo who has to be caged permanently and kept out of sight for the good of humanity: JOE BIDEN and if you don’t know why you are probably a blue dog Democrat at heart who accidentally chanced upon this Facebook page. I got these views from the Zoo Guide (Andrew Levine) who, as it were, gave me a tour of the Democratic Zoo - here are some highlights on which inhabitants to adore and deplore for the nomination:
“Most obviously, it is not too soon to rule out Joe Biden and “moderates” like him. Our troubles now were brought on, in large part, by people like them, and they have not changed their stripes. Who cares what they have to say!
“It is not too soon either to start supporting Tulsi Gabbard – not for the nomination itself so much as for inclusion in the coming debates…it is important that she be in the debates because, of all her many rivals, she stands apart from the field in holding “realist,” as distinct from liberal imperialist or neoconservative views on foreign policy. 
“Elizabeth Warren is good for moving the conversation along on many fronts, not just one; name the issue and she has a plan. She is also, along with Sanders, the most progressive candidate in the race, notwithstanding her inclination to badmouth “socialism,”…  and her reluctance to challenge mainstream thinking on matters of war and peace. However, the main reason to favor her … is that were she to be elected, it would put the Democrats’ “glass ceiling” explanation for the 2016 electoral debacle to rest. Clinton … lost because she was a poor choice to start with, because she ran a terrible campaign, and because Clintonian (neoliberal, liberal imperialist) politics has seen its day…. Blaming her loss to Trump on that mythical glass ceiling is even lamer than blaming it on Russian meddling.”

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