Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Past Due Bernie!

"In February, along with two of my colleagues, Mike Lee, Republican of Utah, and Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, I introduced Senate Joint Resolution 54, calling on the president to withdraw from the Saudi-led war in Yemen. We did this for two reasons. The first is that the war is a strategic and moral disaster for the United States. The second is that the time is long overdue for Congress to reassert authority over matters of war." Better late than never -- this slaughter has been going on for four years. The two reasons are noteworthy: 1) the slaughter is bad for the US; 2) Congress should decide whom we slaughter. What about the people of Yemen? "The likely assassination of the Saudi critic and Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi underscores how urgent it has become for the United States to redefine our relationship with Saudi Arabia, and to show that the Saudis do not have a blank check to continue violating human rights." It took the "likely assassination" of Khashoggi to underscore the urgency of questioning our dealings with Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia has been funding jihadist terrorists for generations and we have not only turned a blind eye but helped finance some of them as well. Bernie is a "socialist" -- it's about time he got around to this.

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Opinion | Bernie Sanders: We Must Stop Helping Saudi Arabia in YemenCongress needs to step in to end our complicity in the kingdom’s human rights abuses.

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