Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Bulger's World and America's Great Past (and Present)

Mr. Bulger has no fans in but we should be asking what kind of country allows such a man to thrive in a world of crime, corrupt police and FBI, prisons out of control, and politicians and officials of the state on the take: a country for, by and of criminals (with guns galore) from the various gangs, different "mafias," gangsters and banksters, CEOs of corporations that break the laws all the time (pollution, price fixing, bribes, etc), tax cheats and all sorts of criminals in high places committing sex crimes -- even in the ministry with evangelicals as well as bishops and cardinals covering it up, government violating the rights of minorities and women, putting children in detention camps, illegally suppressing the vote, etc). Our President wants to make "America Great Again" -- a country with more Bulgers and his enablers, big and little, than ever! Who would have thought the Whore of Babylon would turn out to be a man? Well, this stinking rot is the product of capitalism and we have a chance in six days to rally the decent electorate surviving in this swamp and get out the vote, and begin the long process of cleaning the Augean Stables of the effluent left behind by Trump and the GOP and conservative Democrats who created and empowered him, and ponder the creation of a new economic system.
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One of America’s most wanted gangsters for 16 years, he was beaten to death by fellow inmates in West Virginia. His murderous life inspired books and films.

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