Saturday, October 06, 2007


Thomas Riggins

Who doesn't remember the scandalous murders of 17 "apparently unarmed Iraqis" [New York Times 10-05-07] in Haditha two years ago by American marines run amok? The "apparently unarmed" civilians include at least seven "apparently unarmed" women and children. Now the military is investigating itself. ["Investigator Said to Find Case Against Marine Weak" by Paul von Zielbauer, ibid.]

The military investigator assigned to the case has been recommending that murder charges be dismissed against the troops he has been assigned to investigate. One of the reasons the case is "weak", according to the New York Times is "that murder charges against marines could harm the morale of troops still in Iraq."

By that logic no murder charges should ever be brought against rogue elements in the military. Not only that, but this reasoning could lead to an increase in illegal killings as the troops get the message that they will not be held accountable for murder.

This will also increase resentment against the troops and lead to more American casualties. Lets just get the troops out ASAP and put an end to Bush's cowboy war fantasies.
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