Thursday, May 21, 2020

Science, Open Borders, and Morality

So, every human in the Western Hemisphere today is an immigrant or a descendent of immigrants and this bond of common humanity and origins should not be trounced by the narrow minded racism and ignorance of those trying to divide and separate our commonality by the cultural and linguistic differences between us that have arisen through the accidents of history. This article shows that humans have moved around the world continuously since our origins in Africa and these movements are the natural outcomes of our common human struggles with nature in adversity or prosperity.
The implication is that those who have prospered should always help and aid those who have not since both conditions are the results of the existential fortuitousness of human life and this recognition is the highest achievement of philosophical ethics and consequent moral obligation. It is manifested politically, at this time in our country, in the current program of the CPUSA and in the call for open borders internationally and the end of all forms of intra human oppression.

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