Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Progressives vs. Wall Street Democrats

“Those freshman members are breaking through, and they’re building a movement, and the more power that movement gains, the more persuasive they will be to Pelosi,” said Brian Fallon, a former spokesman for Senator Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton. " The Squad vs the Wall Street Democrats isn't really David vs Goliath as the Squad represents millions of grassroots Democrats and independents. It is that alliance that will defeat Trump and the Republicans. Pelosi represents those Democrats who are moderate and conservative and may hold a majority within the party itself but the progressive faction in the party and the independent progressives with no party affiliations are the majority of Americans who will decide the election. This progressive majority, however, is not politically disciplined and if the Pelosi group continues to collaborate with the Republicans by lipsticking the pig and voting for Trump inspired bills and foists Biden or a clone on the American people as the nominee of the Party, then the Party will fracture and we may end up with four more years of Trump. Pelosi's wing of the party is ultimately committed to the health and well being of monopoly capitalism, as are the Republicans, and they will sacrifice the 2020 election before nominating a real progressive (i.e., Sanders who is the closest facsimile -- they may stomach Warren who has "capitalism in my bones"). The Left needs a plan B just in case of defeat, which is to corral as many of the progressive Democrats and independents as possible and hammer together a left-progressive alliance to fight in local and state elections and stage a winning comeback in 2024. AOC will be 35 in time for the '24 election and in this best of all possible worlds would be the ideal fusion candidate. I needn't mention which party (comrades) should play the vanguard role.

Tensions between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad” have burst into the open, testing House Democratic unity.

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