Monday, February 11, 2019

The Special Council and the Witch Hunt?

“Yet Mr. Weissmann’s cryptic comments suggest that the special counsel’s investigation — which Mr. Trump has sought to dismiss as a witch hunt and which the acting attorney general, Matthew G. Whitaker, has said will wrap up soon — is still pursuing the central question of whether there was some kind of deal between Russia and the Trump campaign.” — in other words, after all this time, the investigation is still at sea regarding the “central question” which is exactly what one expects to find in a witch hunt — all hunt and no witch. The rest of the article is just innuendo, speculation, and cold war posturing over the annexation of the Crimea where Russia behaved with more concern for democratic forms that did Israel annexing a chunk of Syria or the NATO de facto annexing part of Serbia to set up a rump state, and fussing about Russian interference in our election which is nothing in comparison to our interference in Russia’s elections and internal affairs and those of other countries (i.e., Venezuela). Whatever monkeyshines Manafort and Kilimnik may have been up to is their responsibility but the attempt to turn this into a federal case smells like a political operation to thwart any attempts to improve relations with Russia and thus justify a reduction in the already inflated and wasted military spending the Pentagon, military contractors, and the CIA, etc., thrive on and seek to justify.
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Prosecutors for the special counsel suggested plans discussed by Trump associates to address Russia’s conflict with Ukraine and the resulting sanctions remained at the center of the investigation.

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