Sunday, July 08, 2018

Gangster-Like US Attitude Reveals Real Intentions of Talks With North Korea

"Washington insists that North Korea disclose all the details of its nuclear weapons program, dismantle its facilities and let outside inspectors verify the steps. The idea is to remove all the North’s nuclear weapons and its ability to build more, before offering any significant rewards. The North has long rejected such an approach, instead demanding that the United States take reciprocal measures in each “phased” step it takes toward denuclearization." In other words, the US demands complete capitulation from the North while the North offers tit for tat. It's obvious the US isn't serious about these negotiations, it's all a stunt to later declare we tried a peaceful approach but the North was unreasonable and duplicitous. The American leopard hasn't changed its spots.
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North Korea’s Foreign Ministry accused the Trump administration of pushing a “gangster-like demand for denuclearization.” But Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the talks “productive.”

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