Friday, May 11, 2018

Israel's "Tonkin Bay"?

1. Israel claims Iranian forces fired 20 rockets at their forces in the occupied Golan Heights -- they all missed!
2. Israel strikes backs with well coordinated and preplanned air assault violating Syrian airspace and international law.
This has all the earmarks of a "Tonkin Bay" set up to justify an attack.
3. Israel has been agitiating for war with Iran for years now because Iran supports groups objecting to the occupation and subjection of the Palestinians -- Israeli behavior condemned by almost very country in the world!
4. Both countries are run by theocratic fanatics with no respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
5. The US, instead of trying to fairly mediate between these two equally pathetic excuses for civilized governments, has decided to support one against the other.
6. We can only expect the situation to get worse when the world's largest super power steps up to bat for one of two criminal gangs because the rest of the world will sympathize with those caught in between -- the Palestinians who are the innocent victims who have been occupied and denied their human rights by one of the gangs: the other gang, by default, will be supported as the underdog.
7. Solution: The UN, EU, US, China and Russia guarantee the security of Israel and force the evacuation of the West Bank and Golan Heights by Israel and also guarantee the security of a Palestinian state.
8. This is the rational solution: unfortunately emotion, jingoism, racism, relgious intolerance, and lust for the contol of the region's fossil fuels will win the day since all talk about morality and human rights is basically a cover for forces seeking to dominate the Midde East for its mineral wealth and the people of Israel and Iran are both on the receiving end of this dynamic.
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The cross-border exchanges — the most serious from each side over Iran’s presence in Syria — took place a day after the Americans withdrew from the Iran…

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