Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sanders, the Unity Reform Commission & The Democratic Party

Thomas Riggins
The FIVE REFORMS put forth by Sanders will go a long way towards transforming the Democratic Party into a progressive populist party that can be used to move forward with a left working class agenda and decisively defeat Trump and the reactionary Republican Party. It will allow the socialist message to also reach a wider audience and lay the foundations for a mass political movement that can eventually move beyond the politics of capitalism that will still find expression within a reformed party. The coming meeting of the Unity Reform Commission (set up by Sanders AND Clinton) in which the two wings of the party will meet to discuss the best why to defeat Trump will be the test of the future viability of the party. Each of the 5 reforms represents the will of the mass of the party base and opposition to the reforms comes from a small neoliberal Wall Street based faction of the leadership. If this minority camarilla insists on remaining in control of the party and its finances and succeeds in blocking these reforms it is the Trump forces and their allies in civil society who will be the winners. This is the last chance that Clinton has to show she is a pro people Democrat and not an opportunistic tool of the 1%. I know that a leopard cannot change its spots nor a tiger its stripes but human beings can atone for the past and redeem themselves.
It’s time we come together to enact real reform—only then can we defeat Donald Trump and retake the country.

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