Saturday, April 15, 2017

No First Attack Against North Korea

Thomas Riggins
"Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, visiting Seoul in March, said the United States would not negotiate with the North unless it first gave up both its nuclear and missile programs. That was essentially a rejection of talks, since the purpose of the negotiation would be to end those programs."-- New York Times 4-15-17 That's the position of a country that wants to go to war not a country that wants a peaceful resolution. The only out of control country that needs to be calmed down is the USA. The DPRK has always maintained it needs to build up its weapons programs because the USA refuses to abandon its "first strike" policy --i.e. the US will use a nuclear weapon first even against a non nuclear country. This is an invitation for other countries to defend themselves by building nuclear weapons and the US hasn't made a big fuss over  Pakistan's or Israel's bombs (it considers them basically as puppets, even if they are at times unruly) -- it only objects to countries it has hostile intents towards because they don't bow down to Wall Street. If the USA really believes in peace it should give up its "first strike" policy and agree not to attack countries that haven't attacked it ( Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Panama, Grenada, etc.)

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