Sunday, February 05, 2017

Romanian Government Caves In Face Of Mass Protests

Thomas Riggins
safe_image.php.jpgIf the Romanians can make their government backdown, so can we make ours! Mass demonstrations work (of course the Romanian government was Social Democratic i.e., liberal capitalist not cryptofascist i.e., hard nosed capitalist; either way anti-working class). We need our own Union to Save American Democracy from Trumpism and even if the Trumpites turn out to be intransigent mass demonstrations can enlighten millions of non voters and deluded Trump supporters to vote the Republicans down in the 2018 bi-elections. The Sanders movement and other progressives will find this an easier task with Keith Ellison leading the DNC rather that an Establishment standin.
The move was a remarkable and rapid turnaround for a government that had shown every sign of holding firm against five days of mass protests.


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