Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Trap of Western Ideology

Thomas Riggins

Well, we have an "Independent Judiciary" and what do the Chinese see. Our Judiciary run by political appointments from competing interest groups. An independent Supreme Court that gutted the cilvil rights act and set the stage for voter suppression and also turned the election process over to domination by billionaires and the 1%. The US, poster child for Western democracy,  just turned the government over to a person who lost the popular election by almost 3 million votes. We Americans are the ones who should be denouncing the trap of Western ideology. It boils down to the class nature of your society. If your society is ruled by monopoly capitalists exploiting its own working people and engaged in imperialism abroad its legal system will be a reflection of that class power just as in Saudi Arabia, for example, the legal system works to reinforce the power of the fundamentalist monarchy and in Iran the power of the ayatollahs and in Israel it's stacked against the Palestinians. The Communist Party rules in China and that party developed out of the masses of exploited workers and peasants who overthrew the feudal landlord regime represented by the Kuomintang. The Chinese legal system, whatever you may think of it, is basically set up to represent the class interests of masses of the Chinese people. There is no such thing as an "Independent" Judiciary under class rule: our prison population is proof enough of that.

Zhou Qiang denounced the “trap” of “Western” ideology, dismaying some liberal-minded observers of the Chinese legal system who had seen him as an…

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october251038 said...

These quotations are from the judge who opposed the rule of law in the PRC as bourgeois ideology. You are obligated to respond to these quotations. Without being able to use Chinese language texts, any observations of the PRC are devoid of full value just as in the case of Russian language materials in regard to Lenin, the USSR, the Russian Federation, and the Putin regime. A necessary condition for human survival is the "rule of law" and one should think of Andrei Sakharov's struggles with the dishonest Gorbachev in this regard. In any event, being able to use Chinese texts in Mandarin (even in the absurd simplified system instituted by the Mao Zedong period so destructive of Chinese civilization as to stagger the imagination). Here are the texts and please comment on them. Jack Clontz in Bangkok, Thailand