Thursday, November 03, 2016

Trump Lead in Florida Implies Decay of US Democracy

This says something about how ideologically unprepared to resist racist and neofascist political appeals the American people truly are. Will the Left be able to develop a program that can reverse this? Is Center-Left "unity" really an appropriate foil to the appeal of neofacism especially when a tilt to the Center is involved? Should the Left regroup and propose a Radical and Socialist program for electoral politics based on the ground breaking rise in political consciousness signified by the Sanders movement? That such a significant percentage of people in a major swing state can be supporting the Trumpite version of ultra-right nationalism favored by the KKK is a sign of the decay of bourgeois democracy and a clarion call for the Left to mount a radical defense of the interests of the working class and the 99% by waging open ideological warfare in favor of democratic Socialism inspired by a Marxist understanding of the political and economic reality in the US.
He has no plausible path to the presidency without Florida’s 29 electoral votes, which is not true of Hillary Clinton.

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