Sunday, October 02, 2016

Ridiculous New York Times Article Contra Putin!

The NYT is getting more and more ridiculous and jingoistic -- here is the reason Putin is a problem: "Mr. Putin has reveled in his new role as the great disrupter of American plans around the globe." The President of Russia's main role isn't looking out for Russia but disrupting "American plans around the globe." We do have plans for the globe: it's our globe after all: we feel towards it the same way the Romans felt about Mare Nostrum ('our sea' i.e., the Mediterranian). This whole "news" article is based on MIND READING -- what Putin "relishes," what he is "content with," what "his goals are," what "encourages him," etc. So far we have only objective behavior to really go by, not all this mind reading and what we see is how he reacts to American global plans: We want to overthrow the Syrian government and he says "Nyet." We supported the overthrow of the elected goverment of Ukraine and want that country run by an anti-Russian faction we support; he says 'Nyet!" We want to militarize eastern Europe and build up NATO's offensive abilities ; he says "Nyet!" We want to relace Russian influence and economic relations in the former parts of the old USSR and get them to join our anti-Russian coalition; he says "Nyet!" We want to isolate the Palestinians and get the UN to be totally pro-Israel; he says "Nyet!" We want the UN to support our continuing economic blockade of Cuba; he says "Nyet!" We want Russia to keep its nose out of our business and global plans and take a backseat to our leadership; he says "Nyet!" It is pretty obvious that Putin is a dangerous and ruthless dictator and threat to the FREE WORLD (AKA the U.S. and its satellites and puppets).

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