Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Thomas Riggins

The perils of capitalist politics have claimed another victim, According to The New York Times [6-1-10] German President Horst K√∂hler resigned on Monday because of the flack he received for a comment he made while horsting around in Afghanistan. He said that German troops serving in Afghanistan and other overseas stations were, as the Times reports, “deployed to protect German economic interests.” Meine Gute!

Anybody on the German Left knows that already-- but Horst is an ally of Angela Merkel and Conservatives don’t make comments like that-- even though they are perfectly true. The US certainly has its troops deployed around the world to back up its economic interests and where German interests coincide with those of Big Brother they will be showing up, but not in such large numbers, to at least give some moral support.

Let this be a warning to others not to slip up and let the cannon fodder find out what is really going on. It’s called Imperialism folks, and it's not about freedom, democracy, or human rights

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