Friday, June 06, 2008

Hillary In History

Hillary is keeping some good company!

The first woman to run for president: VICTORIA WOODHULL (1838-1927) with Frederick Douglas as VP. Equal Rights Party 1872.

The 2nd woman: BELVA LOCKWOOD (1830-1917) National Equal Rights Party 1884, 1888.

The !st woman to get on a government printed ballot (2 states) running for president: CHARLENE MITCHELL (b.1930) CPUSA 1968, Mike Zagarell for VP.

The 1st woman to get an electoral vote (1 from Virginia): TONI NATHAN (b. 1923) for Vice President, Libertarian Party 1972, John Hospers for president.

So cheer up Hillary fans, your candidate is in good company and young enough for two or three more runs! Just remind her not to
cast pro war votes.

Thomas Riggins

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