Sunday, May 11, 2008


More tax money for Murder Inc.

Thomas Riggins

This news, as reported on the front page of the NYT for 5-10-08, should not be a big surprise. This one article encapsulates the whole insanity of Bush's adventure in Iraq. It also exposes the sharade of a "sovereign" Iraqi government. We all know about the infamous Blackwater mercenaries, hired killers used by the US government to protect the State Department workers and others in Iraq and to also spread death and terror to Iraqis who get in their way. If any group should be on the government's list of terrorist organizations it is Blackwater, Inc.

After gunning down seventeen innocent civilians last year (Blackwater guards shot at everybody in sight after they got held up in traffic) it looked like the company might be in trouble. Not to worry.

The Iraqi government wanted to kick them out of the country. Forget about it, the US vetoed that idea. The Iraqi government wanted to make "contractors" subject to Iraqi law and not be immune to prosecution no matter what they did. Get real! Americans subject to Iraqi law! The US put the kibosh on that crazy idea. It may be their country but its our world.

Congress held hearings about the killings but that was it. Blackwater just got its contracts renewed to protect "our" diplomats in Iraq-- more millions of US tax dollars to thugs and murderers that could have been used to give uninsured children health care. Iraqi kids are not the only ones killed by Bush.

The State department said they had to rehire Blackwater, there was no alternative and they need protection. No alternative? There are two other groups of mercenaries willing and able to kill Iraqis for a fee, Den Corp. International and Triple Canopy. The State Department did not even contact them to see if they could do the job-- Blackwater engaged in "intense lobbying" according to the Times.

All this over 800 Blackwater mercenaries stationed in Iraq. Here is what Patrick F. Kennedy, the unterfuhrer of state for management had to say, "We cannot operate without private security firms in Iraq. If the contractors were removed, we would have to leave Iraq." What! General Betrayus has 140,000 troops marching around shooting up the cities and countryside, he can't spare 800 to protect the State Department? Its time to come home.

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