Friday, February 01, 2008


Thomas Riggins

Obama wants to talk about the future not the past but keeps bringing up Clinton's vote on the war five years ago. Neither one will tell us specifically what they will do in the future to end it. They are both leaving themselves room to stay in Iraq one way or another for years.

However, I agree with Obama when he said, "I think everyone, the day after this vote was taken, understood this was a vote potentially to go to war. It is important to be right on Day One."

Clinton's response was surreal! "Knowing that [Saddam] was a megalomaniac, knowing that he would want to compete for attention with Osama Bin Laden, there were legitimate concerns about what he might do."

I mean, is she nuts? She votes for war with Iraq because she thinks Saddam and Bin Laden are a couple of school yard kids trying to get noticed. Since Bin Laden got credit for the Twin Towers, Saddam might what-- go after the Empire State Building "to compete for attention?" That is not an answer that builds confidence in her understanding of how history works.
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